Daily Archives March 25, 2015

The Unlocked Box

I’ve been on an enjoyable ‘journey’ creating a piece I’ve named ‘The Unlocked Box’.  This has been in response to a design challenge by an online beading group I belong to with the theme Gothic Pandora’s Box.   The piece was required to have at least two techniques used.  I looked up the Pandora myth and came up with a bit of an idea, to create a piece using a Book as the analogy of the evils of the world, having nothing left on it’s pages after the opening of the box except the single word ‘hope’.  So a bit of research then, as I wanted the book to be anatomically correct, properly bound, stitched with headers bookmark etc.  I also created a couple of trial runs as I wanted to make sure I could make a book small enough to be housed within a metalwork box and still be able to be worn...

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