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Touched… moved… inspired.

kays exhibition

My exhibition Touched…  Moved…  Inspired will open at Meeniyan Art Gallery in the Access Gallery on 30th August 2015 and goes through to 24th September.

For those who cannot visit beautiful South Gippsland, I have uploaded some images here and hope that this will give you an idea of what I have presented.

1 Mermaids Purse1. 1 Mermaids Purse closeupMermaids purse.Created using a knotless netting method with Silver-filled wire, the basket/’purse’ has Freshwater Pearls, Coral, seashells, the necklace has coral, freshwater pearls and fine silver clasp and endings. (40 hours of weaving)

2 Warrior Breastplate2.Warrior Breastplate2 Warrior Breastplate detail
Beaten Copper with riveted pewter elements, the chain maille neck cord is done using byzantine weave (rhodium plated copper rings and spikes, sterling rivets and stainless steel scales)

2 Warrior Breastplate closeup2

3 A fairy Queens crown 13.  A Fairy Queen’s Crown

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Exciting times

I’m busily working on my exhibition which is fast approaching.  I’ve come on here to publish the details and I cringe at how little time I’ve spent on here.  But, in my own defence, I’ve had my nose to the grindstone working on lots of pieces and entering lots of exhibitions and competitions.  I’m hoping to put up a list of where I’ve been exhibiting and which galleries I’m now represented by.  Another task to add to my growing list …….

My exhibition will contain around 30 pieces of jewellery or wearable art and in addition to the exhibition there will be some additional pieces available to be purchased and taken on the day you visit...

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The Unlocked Box

I’ve been on an enjoyable ‘journey’ creating a piece I’ve named ‘The Unlocked Box’.  This has been in response to a design challenge by an online beading group I belong to with the theme Gothic Pandora’s Box.   The piece was required to have at least two techniques used.  I looked up the Pandora myth and came up with a bit of an idea, to create a piece using a Book as the analogy of the evils of the world, having nothing left on it’s pages after the opening of the box except the single word ‘hope’.  So a bit of research then, as I wanted the book to be anatomically correct, properly bound, stitched with headers bookmark etc.  I also created a couple of trial runs as I wanted to make sure I could make a book small enough to be housed within a metalwork box and still be able to be worn...

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