Touched… moved… inspired.

kays exhibition

My exhibition Touched…  Moved…  Inspired will open at Meeniyan Art Gallery in the Access Gallery on 30th August 2015 and goes through to 24th September.

For those who cannot visit beautiful South Gippsland, I have uploaded some images here and hope that this will give you an idea of what I have presented.

1 Mermaids Purse1. 1 Mermaids Purse closeupMermaids purse.Created using a knotless netting method with Silver-filled wire, the basket/’purse’ has Freshwater Pearls, Coral, seashells, the necklace has coral, freshwater pearls and fine silver clasp and endings. (40 hours of weaving)





2 Warrior Breastplate2.Warrior Breastplate2 Warrior Breastplate detail
Beaten Copper with riveted pewter elements, the chain maille neck cord is done using byzantine weave (rhodium plated copper rings and spikes, sterling rivets and stainless steel scales)

2 Warrior Breastplate closeup2


3 A fairy Queens crown 13.  A Fairy Queen’s Crown3 A Fairy Queens Crown closeup

Brass with riveted brass and alloy elements, Austrian crystal and Swarovski crystal.

This was created originally for the 20th Anniversary celebrations of Bead Society Victoria’s ‘Tiara’ and won a prize on the day.







4 Vzruseni a trny4. “Vzrušení a trny” (Czech translation of Prickles and Thorns)4 Vzruseni a trny closeup1

Beaded Necklace using Czech glass and Japanese seed beads embroidered onto a wool felted cord.   50+ hours in it’s construction. I wanted to create a sense of discomfort without it being so.






5 The Unlocked Box5.” The unlocked box”  a gothic portrayal of Pandora’s Box5 The Unlocked Box detail

Brass hand constructed box soldered to vintage back plate within box is a bound book using traditional methods, cane toad skin, hand blown glass eye by Natalie Monkivitch, paper scroll within box tells the story of Pandora’s Box, ‘dragon-vein’ agate, brass and plated alloy beads and chain  (more information about this piece can be seen in my post when I created it)5 The Unlocked Box detail2

5 The Unlocked Box detail3 5 The Unlocked Box detail4









6 Crystal Grotto

6. Crystal Grotto

Bead embroidery using plated Agate druzy, Swarovski Crystal and Japanese seed beads (over 90 hours) Created using influence of seeing inside of beautiful caves with their sparkling natural crystal.









7 Daintree

7. “Daintree “7 Daintree closeup2

Pendant on cord –  The feature bead  which is made of resin, pewter, alloy, paints and varnishes and received a Highly commended in Bead Society Victoria’s handmade Bead Competition.  I’ve used a 10mm cord and simple style to feature this bead

7 Daintree closeup1






8 Space Odyssey meets Flash Gordon8. “Space Odyssey meets Flash Gordon”8 Space Odyssey meets Flash Gordon closeup

Featuring an electroplated quartz druzy Copper, Brass, crystals and handmade clasp and rope using seed beads. This is from my personal collection.










9 Scarred and beautiful closeup9. “Scarred and Beautiful”9 Scarred and beautiful showing different mood colours

Foldformed copper, Sterling silver and ‘mood stone’ with handwoven sterling silver viking weave chain – weaving done by my husband Bill Statham








10 Fantasy Flowers II10. “Fantasy Flowers II”10 Fantasy Flowers II closeup

Copper neckpiece with hand-forged and riveted flowers filled with electroplated druzy rockforms








11 The Explorers Wife11. “The Explorer’s Wife”11 The Explorers Wife closeup2

Steampunk influenced multimedia necklace – brass,alloy, glass, paper, I’m not sure if she’s on the journey with her husband or if  she chooses to carry the paraphernalia to keep her close to her beloved







12 in an octopus garden in the shade12.  “…… an octopus’s garden in the shade”12 in an octopus garden in the shade closeup3

Coral, Freshwater Pearls, ‘Sea glass’ beads, dyed howlite, Alloy, Australian Pewter, fine mesh wire.
12 in an octopus garden in the shade closeup2




13 Bead Torque I13.  Bead Torque I13 Bead Torque I closeup2

First in a series; a traditional handcarved bone bead from India to which I’ve added handmade endcaps Tibetan Dzi beads (agate) and copper discs.








14 Bead Torque II14.  Bead Torque II.14 Bead Torque II closeup

Second in a series, moonstone, turquoise, silver plated alloy
14 Bead Torque II closeup 2




15 Slice closeup5. “Slice”15 Slice

Amethyst slice, Sterling Silver, Sterling silver bonded to copper.  Neoprene cord with magnet clasp










16 Desert Rose closeup 116. “Desert Rose”16 Desert Rose closeup 2

Using the desert rose (selenite) as a focal I created a flower from copper which has been heat treated to create the colours, the leaves are foldformed also in copper which has been heat treated for colour plus an addition of a flux to create the patina, all metal treated with Renaissance wax to preserve colours.  a 16 strand Kumihimo (Japanese Braid) and  copper clasp finish the necklace.

16 Desert Rose




17 Pearl Pod Pendant closeup17.  Pearl Pod Pendant17 Pearl Pod Pendant

Based on this beautiful Freshwater pearl, Petals were formed with copper and stamped brass.  The leaves were rolled with a real leaf in rolling mill and flame coloured.  The metals are all protected with Renaissance Wax.  The chain is brass and copper.





18 Butterfly Love closeup18. “Butterfly Love”18 Butterfly Love

Recently my nephew was married and my place card was a little butterfly sitting on the glass, I loved the shape of the wing and the cutouts so used this to roll a piece of sterling silver through my rolling mill.  Subsequently I cut the shape out and soldered a bezel of dichroic glass, and finished the body with little dichroic glass beads and sterling silver wire.  The chain is also sterling silver and the butterfly clasp is Thai silver.






19 Dragonscale agate and druzy necklace19. Dragonscale agate and druzy necklace19 Dragonscale agate and druzy necklace closeup

Featuring another electroplated agate druzy this one is bezel set onto a plain disc and wanting to try something different I drilled horizontally a hole to hold a 14 gauge wire which forms a unique bail.  The beads are dragonscale agate, electroplated agate chips and punched discs of copper.  Finished with chain and clasp to allow for different lengths wear.




20 Night Sky20. “Night Sky”

Copper,Vintage stamped Brass Pendant with Dichroic Glass bezels, Necklace of dichroic glass beads, copper and sterling silver beads and clasp









21 Drouid21. “Drouid”21 Drouid closeup

A torque style neck piece of beaten copper, amethyst and glass aged with flame to give the feeling of being an ancient artifact.



22 Pea Pod Necklace22. Pea Pod Necklace22 Pea Pod Necklace closeup2

Copper, electroplated agate beads with druzy inclusions, leather neck cord  10 strands woven using Kumihimo  Japanese braiding technique







23 The Birdhouse closeup23. “The Birdhouse”23 The Birdhouse

Copper birdhouse created with plumbers pipe and copper sheet, cut, riveted and soldered finishing with stamped brass birds and copper and brass chain









24 Brigid closeup324. “Brigid”24 Brigid closeup

Brigid, the ‘”Fire of the Forge’, was like the Greek goddess Athena, a patroness of the crafts (especially weaving, embroidery, and metal smithing), and a goddess who was concerned with justice and law and order.  Brigid, the ‘Fire of Inspiration’, was the muse of poetry, song history and the protector of all cultural learning.
When I researched her I found her to also be associated with Carnelian. This piece has those elements of metal smithing, weaving and carnelian. viking weave chain, beaten copper woven copper wire bezel set carnelian and a patina to age the piece to look like it was from ancient days.
24 Brigid











25 Eclipse25. “Eclipse”25 Eclipse closeup

Gold fill and Silver fill viking wire weave chain woven by my husband Bill Statham.  I’ve created the beaten brass and sterling pendant with carved bone cabochon,  brass wire elements and brass findings.

Sometimes I think of the Moon and Sun as lovers
Who rarely meet, always chase,
And almost always miss one another,
But once in a while they do catch up,  And they Kiss
The world stares in awe of their eclipse.






26 A Copper friend26.  “A copper friend”26 A Copper friend closeup

Not “the plod” variety either….Copper necklace with ‘doll’ pendant. Hand carved soapstone focal, copper bead, chain and findings








27 A tangled web is woven II27. “A tangled Web is Woven II”27 A tangled web is woven II closeup

Copper, Bronze wire, Agate, garnet, and brass beads.  Not all will feel comfortable with the proximity of this arthropod but I wanted to include her.  You could say she ‘inspires’……….  (fear)







28 The Path to the treasure28. “The path to treasure”28 The Path to the treasure closeup1

A beaded choker necklace using Japanese seed beads (Ndebele stitch) dyed faceted jade and freshwater pearls with a floral clasp at front.  The pathway is made from more seed beads, glass, pearls and finally the treasure an electroplated quartz druzy, which is captured with Japanese seed beads.
28 The Path to the treasure closeup2



29 Antiquity29. “Antiquity”

Electroplated Druzy, Copper, Brass, Alloy and Electroplated quartz nuggets








30. “Woodlands”30 Woodlands

Bead embroidery using Seraphinite cabochons, ceramic focal and japanese seed beads with Ruby in Zoisite chunks incorporated within the neck cord



Here is a copy of the catalogue as a PDF  with the prices.  If you are wanting to purchase you will need to check with Meeniyan Art Gallery to see if it’s available.